Strengthening Our RSL Team

As a Firm that is heavily involved in the RSL sector we are always looking for ways to improve the service we provide and also to strengthen our RSL team.

With that in mind we are delighted to announce that Kevin Booth, formerly a partner at French Duncan, has joined the Firm. Providing services to RSLs is one of Kevin’s specialisms and his introduction to our RSL Team adds to our experience and our ability to provide services to the sector.

In addition to this there were a number of promotions within the firm, with Phil Morrice, Steven Cunningham and Allison Devine becoming partners in the firm and David Jeffcoat becoming an Associate.

With regards to future blogs – we will post a blog on the new FRS102 when it is released – according to the FRC the standard is due to be issued this month, so we expect to see it in the summer/autumn. We are also writing a blog on succession planning within the sector which we hope to post in the next few weeks.


About Phil Morrice

Phil is a Partner at Alexander Sloan. He specialises in providing services to RSLs and commercial businesses and divides his time between our Glasgow and Edinburgh Offices.
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